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Intelligent Octopus for thermostats

We optimize your temperature settings, you save $300+ per year. Add your thermostat to Intelligent Octopus in the app.

Intelligent Octopus for EVs

We smart schedule your EV charging, you get up to 30% off your rate. Add your EV to Intelligent Octopus in the app.

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No EV or smart thermostat? You can still get a discounted rate when wind turbines are spinning in Texas. Savings that blow, in a good way.

Save hundreds per year with innovative add-ons for smart thermostats, EVs, home batteries and solar.

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Switching has never been easier.

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We're more than just an energy company

Hi, we're Octopus Energy. We're a global energy company with an unstoppable mission to bring renewable energy and tech-driven solutions to the masses without breaking the bank. We offer smart-energy plans in Texas for any budget because we believe good energy shouldn't cost the earth or your wallet. Our 100% transparent, fixed-rate plans are simple to understand and don't require you to jump through hoops just to get the lowest price possible.

If you own an electric vehicle (EV), smart thermostat, or have a home battery, you can save even more with one of the cheapest rates in Texas when you connect your smart devices to Intelligent Octopus. Smart devices = bigger discounts.

If you have rays for days and own solar panels, you can earn solar buyback credits at the wholesale rate with no caps, or expiration dates, and cash out after $50 with one of Texas' best solar buyback programs.

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