Unlock the cheapest greenest energy rates with smart features from Octopus Energy

You can unlock massive energy savings by adding smart features like Intelligent Octopus to your energy plan. Discounts are available for smart thermostats, electric vehicles (EVs), home batteries and solar panel owners.

Intelligent Octopus for thermostats

Get an even cheaper energy rate when you pair your smart thermostat with Intelligent Octopus.

Intelligent Octopus for Electric Vehicles

Charge your EV at a discounted energy rate when you enable smart charge scheduling through Intelligent Octopus.

Octo GridBoost

Get $480 a year to connect your battery to Octopus. You’ll get $40 credit every month, as well as a dynamic buy-back rate for all your spare solar power.

Solar buy-back

Our dynamic solar rate follows real-time wholesale energy rates so you can get paid market-beating prices to export power when the grid needs it most.

Fan Club

Get up to 50% off your energy rate when the wind is generating more than 45% of the grid's supply. Fan Club is only available to 1,000 customers, don't wait to enroll.

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