Receive a $25 monthly credit by connecting your smart thermostat with Octopus Energy

What is Intelligent Octopus?

Works with ecobee

Sensi coming soon: be the first to know!

Intelligent Octopus is a smart feature for Octopus Energy customers that automates your energy usage, saving you money while keeping your house comfortable. For every month you're connected, you'll get a $25 monthly bill credit- that's $300 annually!

We're working to add more smart thermostat brands all the time! If you don't see yours listed, request it now.

How does it work? 

It’s rather easy and you don’t have to do a thing! With Intelligent Octopus we’ll be connected to your smart thermostat via Wi-Fi. Occasionally when there’s a need to conserve energy, we’ll just adjust your thermostat a few degrees for a short period of time- most customers don’t even notice! Your thermostat will automatically return to its original setting, keeping your home comfortable and energy-efficient! But don’t worry, you’re still fully in control.

For full details read our Terms and Conditions

What are the benefits?

Pausing the thermostat in short intervals helps provide grid stability and gives you savings on your bill when you do. Using Intelligent Octopus is an easy way for you to help conserve energy without having to lift a finger.

Here's what our customers on Intelligent Octopus say:

👉 87% of customers agree they're saving money.

👉 80% of customers say they're comfortable with their home's temperature.

👉 Only 47% of customers noticed a difference when Intelligent Octopus kicked on.

Want to join Intelligent Octopus?

You'll need to be:

  • A new or existing Octopus Energy customer. Not with Octopus yet? Sign-up now.
  • Someone with a compatible thermostat — we're currently compatible with ecobee thermostats. Don't have one? Find discounts in Houston or Dallas areas. We're working to integrate to more thermostat brands – request yours here.
  • Connected to the internet over Wi-Fi.
  • Agree with our Terms and Conditions

Be a part of something bigger with Intelligent Octopus. If you’re cool with what you’ve read, let’s work together to make world-changing energy plans a reality!

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