The Best Texas Solar Buyback Program

Make the most of your solar panels and put money back in your pocket all while supporting a clean, green future.

Here’s what you can expect from Octopus Energy’s solar buyback program: 

✅ Unlimited credits with limitless rollover, no cap, and no expiration date 

✅ Your solar buyback rate is based on the Texas wholesale rate

✅ Your solar credits can be applied to your whole bill, and not just parts of it

✅ You can request cash back if your monthly solar credits exceed $50

✅ Solar buyback is included in all of our renewable energy plans 

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100 renewable energy

Why Octopus Energy

There are a lot of other fish in the sea, but there are five reasons why, like our eight-legged namesake, Octopus Energy stands out from the rest. 

🏷️ Transparent, honest pricing 

⭐ Exceptional customer service 

📈 Long-term value, not just short-term gains 

📲 Smart tech for smarter decision making 

♻️ Greener energy for a better future

Be part of something bigger

We believe Texans with solar panels should make the most of their investment because you’re a critical piece of building grid resiliency. When you export your unused energy back to the grid, you’re doing three awesome things: 

  • Earning money back at the wholesale rate 
  • Helping to stabilize the grid by generating power for others to use 
  • Promoting renewable energy resources and putting fossil fuels in the past (Where they belong.) 

At Octopus Energy, our mission is to provide innovative energy-saving solutions that help keep our earth green while saving you some green.

Who is this plan right for? 

All of our energy plans include our solar buyback option so you can’t go wrong with whatever you choose! We offer simple-to-understand pre and post-paid fixed-rate plans with 100% crystal-clear transparent pricing and zero funny business. 

How to get started

To start earning solar credits through Octopus Energy, you’ll need a few things first: 

  • Completed permission to operate form. (This is done through your TDSP (CenterPoint, Oncor, AEP, TNMP.) You will not receive credits until this is on file. 
  • Enroll in any of our energy plans- they’re all 100% solar-compatible! 
  • That’s all! 🎉

I’d like to install solar panels, how do I get started? 

We offer a free consultation that can break down your costs and benefits of having solar. Register for more information now and a member of our team will be in touch! Please note, this only applies to Texas-located customers. For UK customers who are interested in solar, please sign up for more information.

How to make the most of your solar credits 

To maximize your solar credits, it’s all about consumption vs. production. Ideally, you’re exporting more than you’re importing from the grid, but we understand that’s not always feasible. Your AC, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer are effectively the biggest uses of energy in your home. Depending on the time of year, you will want to change your behaviors just a bit so you’re using energy at optimal times.

Here’s what we recommend: 
👉 In winter, spring, and fall, aim to use your energy from 7 AM to 7 PM. 
👉 In summer, aim to reduce your energy consumption as much as possible from 7 AM to 7 PM so you’re exporting when demand is highest. 

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You have questions, we have answers. 

Can I use my credits toward base and delivery charges? 

Yes, you can use your solar credits towards your entire bill, including any charges or fees. 

How will I get paid? 

You have the option between letting credits accumulate or cashing out in the form of a check if you acquire $50 worth of credits at any point.

How does our buyback rate work? 

We credit your excess solar energy at the Texas wholesale rate. This means that whatever the wholesale rate is at your time of export real-time, is the price we pay you for your excess solar energy. This rate changes every 15 minutes depending on the market. To take advantage of solar buyback credits, it’s imperative that you watch grid conditions so you’re not using more than what you’re exporting. 

What is the average solar buyback rate?

Solar credits peak in the summer, when energy demand is highest, and typically when you will see the biggest buyback rates, averaging 14-17¢/kwh. Winter, spring, and fall are usually when you’ll see the lowest rates, averaging between 1-3¢/kwh.

Is the rate at which I’m buying energy from the grid the same rate as what I sell back? 

No, when you get energy from the grid, you’re incurring transmission and subscription fees and taxes. When you sell that energy back, you aren’t incurring any additional charges so what the wholesale market rate is, is what you get. You can monitor real-time market rates on ERCOT’s dashboard. Keep in mind, the prices are in MWh, so you’ll need to divide by 1,000 to get the kWh.

Is there a cap on how much I can export? 

No! There is no cap to how much you can export and we will credit you for all of your excess energy. 

Do my solar credits expire? 

No! Your credits will never expire and if you don’t use all of your credits within one billing cycle, they’ll roll over to the next billing cycle. If you switch away, we’ll pay out your credit amount. 

How often do I get credits? 

You accumulate credits daily, depending on how much excess solar electricity your panels have produced. You can track all things solar through Smart Meter Texas, a free and official website with detailed information about your energy usage.

What is the difference between total production and excess production? 

Total production is the total energy produced by solar panels. Excess production is when your solar panels produce energy, part of that gets consumed by the household, and the unused portion gets exported back to the grid. 

Do you offer any programs for solar batteries? 

Yes! Our Octo GridBoost program pays you $480 annually to connect your battery to Octopus. We will optimize your charge and discharge automatically to help keep Texas’ grid in balance.

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