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Why is my bill so high?

If your bill looks high, here's what to check: 

What plan are you on? If you're on the MTM Lubbock plan that's a variable price plan where your prices change every month. You'll have a fluctuating bill that increases during the summer and levels off during the colder months. You can check to see what plan you're on by checking any of your statements or in your online portal.

To secure a more predictable bill, we recommend signing up to a fixed rate plan where your rate will remain the same for the duration of your contract. You can easily view your options and renew online any time.

Has your energy usage changed? If you use more energy, you’ll pay more on your bills. Think about whether anything’s changed at home – maybe you’ve recently got a new appliance, or someone new has moved in – as that could be causing your higher charges. Download our app to track your energy use over time and hunt down any energy-sucking devices. And try our top 8 tips to save energy at home.  

For more advice, reach out to our team. Just email us at heretohelp@octopusenergy.com.

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