Octopus Energy Help & FAQs

What are the different rates and charges in an Octopus plan?

Energy providers are notorious for sneaking in fees they probably never mentioned when you signed up. We don’t do that. We prefer to let you know what everything costs up front. 

Your energy rate

This is the price per unit of power you use, measured in kilowatt hours. It also includes:

TDSP Delivery charges:  Every home has a Transmission Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) who charges a fee to read your meter and maintain the meter and the power lines, as well as certain fees to cover other costs like disconnections, meter tampering, and special meter reads.  They charge us for every meter, regardless of whether you use any energy or not. We pass them through without any markup – you pay what we pay.

Market (Securitization) Debt Financing & Securitization Uplift charges: This is a small charge every provider charges their customers to help pay for wholesale market stabilization, added recently to help cover costs from major events (ie, extreme weather like Storm Uri) that impact the electric market. 

Your $10/ month Octopus Energy subscription -  This $10 monthly fee allows us to keep our rates super low and ensure the incredible service our customers are used to! Nearly all energy providers charge a monthly base fee, but most choose to hide it in their EFLs — we’re letting you know what everything costs, upfront. Honesty is always the best policy.

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