Octopus Energy Help & FAQs

How do Intelligent Octopus thermostat adjustments work?

Intelligent Octopus works in the background so you don’t have to do a thing, and you shouldn’t feel a difference in your home’s temperature.

We’ll automatically turn your thermostat’s temperature up, then back down again, by a few degrees for very short periods of time throughout the day. 

We’ll never let your thermostat go more than a few degrees (typically, 3) beyond the temperature you've set in the app.

So if your thermostat is currently on 72 degrees, we wouldn't adjust it up to more than 75.

What do I do if my home feels too warm?

1) If you really want, you can always override our thermostat setting. Try not to do this too much – if you override more than five times in a month, you'll lose your super cheap Intelligent Octopus price until the next month.

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