How Rosemary and Gabby effortlessly charge their vehicle and save with Intelligent Octopus

November 30th, 2023

How Rosemary and Gabby effortlessly charge their vehicle and save with Intelligent Octopus

Meet Rosemary and Gabby: A mother and daughter duo from Texas who are proud Octopus Energy customers. See how Gabby effortlessly charges her vehicle and how Rosemary enjoys smart savings with Intelligent Octopus.

What is Intelligent Octopus?

Intelligent Octopus with an electric vehicle is a smart feature that pairs EV to charge at the greenest of times and saves you an average of 30% off your energy rate

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The rate was definitely a very good one for clean energy.

Hi Rosemary, how long you've been an Octopus customer, and what made you want to switch?

My contract was up with my current provider and the rate was comparable to what I previously had so that was promising. Plus, it was clean energy and we have an electric vehicle in the family. So, I said why not? Let's give it a try.

What made you then want to be a part of Intelligent Octopus and what's your experience been like with charging up your EV?

The discounted rate and the fact that we have an electric vehicle. The EV belongs to my daughter and she loves it! She was able to connect her vehicle pretty effortlessly. 

She wakes up and her vehicle is charged, she doesnt have to deal with it. There was no problem with her car not being charged to where it needed to be the next day.

Gabby, what are your thoughts on Intelligent Octopus?

It's pretty cool. I check it often to see when it's going to start charging through the smart charging schedule. It’s at different times but for the most part, it's consistent.

It starts charging after midnight and then it'll be done charging by around six in the morning, but it takes breaks in between those charging sessions.

Have you ever had to use the bump charge feature?

I never actually had to use it because scheduling it in the app will charge it up all the way, but it's always an option in case I need it.

The only time in which I would go outside of the map for smart charging is when I know I'm driving around a lot because I know the standard-range battery won't last me.

What would you say are the top three benefits of Intelligent Octopus?

I don't think there's a company out there that will beat your price if you have an EV or a thermostat connected.

I think pricing is very, very important now that electricity is a little steep. Just the ease of connecting your electric vehicle would be the secondary one. And I think the third one is the customer service.

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