How Paulina and Matthew charge their vehicle stress-free with Intelligent Octopus

November 21st, 2023

How Paulina and Matthew charge their vehicle stress-free with Intelligent Octopus

Meet Paulina and Matthew: Smart home enthusiasts out of Irving Texas and customers of Octopus Energy. Paulina and Matthew are one of many customers who use our demand-response feature to charge their electric vehicle stress-free with Intelligent Octopus.

What is Intelligent Octopus?

Intelligent Octopus with an electric vehicle is a smart feature that pairs EV to charge at the greenest of times and saves you an average of 30% off your energy rate

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Hi Paulina and Matthew, what made you choose Octopus Energy?

Octopus just made the most sense. I liked how friendly the site came across. The branding was really nice and everything was upfront.

Walk me through your experience with Intelligent Octopus Electric vehicle smart charging.

One of my concerns initially was that I wouldn't have enough time to charge up my vehicle because there's a common range anxiety that people feel that the battery is going to run out too soon. But the reality is, that's not the case.

It definitely has plenty of time with my schedule to charge fully and I'm good to go anytime I need to go somewhere.

Having Intelligent Octopus for my EV is guilt-free and it's stress-free. You set it up and it's automated and you don't have to worry about dealing with it.

What is your experience like using the app?

In the app, you can adjust the charge limit, I can set it to a certain time. The bump charge is a great feature. If I really need to go somewhere I can certainly take over as needed.

Have you had any concerns with overcharging?

No, because I know the limits, both in my car and in the app. The anxiety just goes away. I don’t have to wonder if I’m using too much or if I should unplug it. We can just enjoy our day.

Walk me through your savings.

The Intelligent Octopus EV credit is amazing. It’s $30 every month, I love seeing that on my bill.

Do you ever use a bump charge? If so, how are you finding it?

The bump charge is a great feature because if I really need to go somewhere and I’m worried about not having enough battery, I can take over as needed.

Do you feel like you are in control of your charging?

I feel in full control. It's just like plugging in my phone at night. I don't have to worry about ever going to a gas station again. Just going home and treating my car like any other electronic device I have that needs to be plugged in every day.

Would you recommend Intelligent Octopus to anyone?

Definitely, we have already been recommending it to people. We were worried about an energy provider controlling our energy. But Octopus Energy still gives the option to the customer.

You can save a boatload of money. You’re using renewable energy. The people are nicer. The billing is easier. I love this company so much more because I feel like it's a company that loves you back. You’re not just paying a bill and getting nothing, you’re actually getting something back. I’ve never felt that close to an energy company.

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