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How does solar buyback work in Lubbock?

Solar buyback in Lubbock is defined as solar distribution generation rates. For LP&L customers with solar panels, your billing structure differs from those without solar panels. LP&L does not impose a base charge on customers who don’t have solar panels. However, if you have panels installed, you will incur a monthly fee of $30. While this might seem like a lot, it comes with a benefit – a reduction of 3¢/kWh in your LP&L delivery rate.

This reduction means that if your electricity consumption exceeds 1000 kWh in a billing cycle, you will pay less for electricity compared to what you would pay without solar panels. However, if you consume less than 1000 kWh, you will end up paying more for electricity compared to someone without solar panels. In addition, you’ll still be rewarded a cash credit from every kilowatt you export with our solar buyback plan

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