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The transition from Lubbock Power and Light will start on January 5, 2024.

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The energy market is a competitive one, often with energy providers using the bait and switch technique to bring new customers in, just raise rates or tack on unnecessary fees.

We don’t do that.

At Octopus Energy, we believe in clear bills and transparent pricing because we don’t mess around with sketchy terms of service agreements. You can trust us for a straightforward journey, where no sneaky fees or sudden up-charges will ever dim the clarity of your energy experience. You'll only get fair and honest communication with us.

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Great service is at the core of everything we do at Octopus Energy. 

  • We never send “no-reply” emails - reply to any of our emails and we'll get back to you.
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  • When you call you’ll wait less than a minute to speak to us on average.
  • We won’t send you round in circles to different departments. Our friendly experts are fully trained to solve your whole problem.

Everything’s better in Texas: our whole team is here in the Lone Star State

Energy that doesn’t cost the Earth

All of our electricity comes from 100% Texas-sourced renewables like the sun and wind. At Octopus Energy we provide you with a sustainable energy option that minimizes your carbon footprint, all while keeping your world powered at a wallet-friendly rate!

Proudly made and only available in Texas

It’s not just our customer service team that are based here in Texas. Our technology team is right here in Texas too! New innovative technology is being built by Texans offering monthly cash back only to Texans.

Energy plans for every budget and need

All of our smart energy plans in Lubbock, Texas feature 100% renewable energy and Texas-sized savings

The Fan Club

Unlock the power of wind energy and snag up to 50% off your energy rate when the wind is blowing. From the Lubbock turbines to your home, get savings that blow. (In a good way!)

Intelligent Octopus for Thermostats

Unlock one of the cheapest energy rates in Texas when you pair your smart thermostat to Intelligent Octopus. You stay in control and earn a saving, while keep the power grid balanced.

Intelligent Octopus for Electric Vehicles

Get the next generation in hands-free smart charging. You tells us when you need your EV charged and we'll power it up at the cheapest times. You save 30% off your monthly bill while helping the grid.

Solar Power

Unlock your earning potential with one of Texas' best solar buyback programs. Roll in that sunny money with uncapped earnings, unlimited rollover, and no expiration date on your credits.

Common questions for shopping for energy in Lubbock, Texas

LP&L is encouraging customers to sign up for an electricity plan by their February 15th deadline. If you don’t choose an energy provider by the 15th, you will be assigned one from either Reliant Energy, TXU, or Octopus Energy. You will still have the ability to switch to another provider if you choose to do so and you will not be charged a cancellation fee since you were assigned to a default provider on a default plan

You will be able to start receiving energy from your retail energy provider on your meter reading cycle date. This specific date is when your energy usage is measured each month, and it serves as the basis for your billing. While this date usually falls on a consistent day each month, it may vary slightly, typically by just a few days.

Contact your local utility company, LP&L, at 806-775-2509 to arrange for a power connection at your new property. They are responsible for turning on the power supply to your home. Once you have initiated the power connection with your utility, you can then reach out to your chosen retail energy provider or visit their website to set up your energy account and choose your contract. This second step can only be completed after you have arranged for power with your utility provider. This two-step process ensures that you have both the necessary power supply and your energy account in place when moving to your new home. This process will only be temporary. After your meter read date, you will be able to connect power and switch services on any day without contacting LP&L.

If you are looking to switch after you have been assigned to a default provider, you can shop for a provider (link to How to shop for energy provider) and enroll through their website or contact them. You will still have the ability to switch to another provider if you choose to do so and you will not be charged a cancellation fee since you were assigned to a default provider.

Most energy contracts will have a cancellation fee. This is a fee that is charged to the customer who agrees to a contract term and breaks the contract by either disconnecting services or switching to a new provider before the contract term has ended. When signing a contract, make sure you understand the cancellation policy before agreeing to it. Cancellation fees can vary in price but the average will cost about $150. Some cancellation fees will charge you per month that is remaining on your contract, so if you have a three-year contract and break it very early, that can be quite the bill. There are a few rules you should know about when it comes to cancellation fees: First is the three-day grace period. Once you sign a contract, you will have three days to switch to another provider without being charged their cancellation fee. After the three days are over, if you choose to switch, you must pay that cancellation fee. Second, towards the end of your contract, there is a 14-day cooling-off period where you will not be charged a cancellation fee if you switch within 14 days of your contract ending. These rules are established by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) and apply to all retail energy providers.

For enrollments, we require either a soft credit check or a $300 deposit refundable after 12 months.

Yes, we do! You can sign up for any of our prepay plans and enjoy all the same benefits and product features as a postpaid plan. There is an initial $75 payment upon enrollment and your energy account will be charged daily for your usage. When your balance goes below $25, there is an automatic top-up payment of your choice to keep your account in good standing.

Solar in Lubbock is defined as solar distribution generation rates. For LP&L customers with solar panels, your billing structure differs from those without solar panels. LP&L does not impose a base charge on customers who don’t have solar panels. However, if you have panels installed, you will incur a monthly fee of $30. While this might seem like a lot, it comes with a benefit – a reduction of 3¢/kWh in your LP&L delivery rate. This reduction means that if your electricity consumption exceeds 1000 kWh in a billing cycle, you will pay less for electricity compared to what you would pay without solar panels. However, if you consume less than 1000 kWh, you will end up paying more for electricity compared to someone without solar panels. In addition, you’ll still be rewarded a cash credit from every kilowatt you export with our solar buyback plan.

A retail energy provider (REP) is a company that sells energy directly to consumers. REPs typically compete with each other in areas where energy markets are deregulated. This means that consumers have the option to choose which company provides their energy services, rather than being limited to a single utility company.

You will be charged a fixed rate in cents per kWh from Octopus Energy that will not change throughout the duration of the contract. We also charge a monthly subscription fee of $10. All other charges come from your utility company as TDSP charges.

Lubbock Power and Light (LP&L) is the utility company (TDSP) for the city of Lubbock. They are essentially the poles and wires of electricity. Texas electric utility companies provide electricity to customers within the state of Texas. They are responsible for generating, transmitting, and distributing electricity to homes, businesses, and other organizations. We then incorporate pass-through charges into the bills for our customers.

There are no hidden fees! We believe in being transparent with our customers about their charges. All of our fees can be seen on our electricity facts label, also known as the EFL. One of the benefits of our EFL is that it presents pricing in a clear manner without any fine print or hidden fees. The rate you will see at the top of our EFLs includes all charges.

Absolutely! But there are a few rules for transferring contracts: First, your new home must have the same utility company as your previous home (LP&L). It's important to note that you can only have services at each property for a maximum of 30 days with the same contract.

You can talk to one of our Energy Specialists by calling 833-628-6888 or emailing us at Our operating hours are Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, and Thursday from 9 AM to 4 PM.

Everyone at Octopus Energy is qualified to assist you with billing, enrollments, switching, contract renewals, and more. This means you can avoid the hassle of being bounced around to various departments when you have a question or concern.

For Lubbock, TX residents, when LP&L makes the official switch in Winter 2024, you should not have any disruption in power and will be automatically put on to Octopus Energy supply. If you just moved into a new home and want to start services, please contact us before you move. We always recommend you start service at least one day before you move into the property to ensure there is power there the day of. Upon enrollment, connection on average just takes a few hours! However, we cannot do enrollments on Sundays so if you need power please schedule for either Saturday or Monday. If your energy service hasn’t been connected on its scheduled date, please contact us ASAP so we can quickly resolve it.

For postpay plans, customers can be disconnected for nonpayment if payment hasn’t been received 16 days after the bill has been issued. For prepay plans, customers can be disconnected if the balance hits a threshold of $10. Before disconnection, we’ll send a series of emails and mail a paper disconnection notice before we disconnect. The last thing we want to do is disconnect our customers. If you are having trouble paying your bill, please reach out to us as soon as possible. We are always willing to work with our customers to set up payment plans to help avoid disconnection.

If you have an outage, please call us at 833-628-6888. We will be able to determine if it was a disconnection for nonpayment or if there is an outage in your area. If it is an outage in the area we will report it to LP&L so you can receive updates for restoration. You can also check LP&L Outage Map to see if there is an outage or report one yourself.

If you have any other questions please contact us! We’re here to help you through this transition into a deregulated market. Email us at

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Shopping for an energy supplier in Lubbock, Texas can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn't have to be. Between free nights and weekends, understanding EFLs, and what solar buyback plan is best- there's a lot of research to be done and dozens of places to look. To make things easier, we've compiled a bunch of resources together to help you feel confident about shopping for an energy plan and provider in Texas.

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