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Octopus Energy targets Demand Response in ERCOT to residential sector

Danielle Dowler,
Content Strategist
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Octopus Energy targets Demand Response in ERCOT to residential sector

Renewable Energy

Questions About Solar? We’ve Got Answers

Updated: September 9, 2021 Please note, if you’d like to sign up for a solar plan, please give us a call at 833-OCTO-888. We’re working to get this integrated with our online enrollment, but right now, all solar plans must be enrolled over the phone. We get a lot of…

Carbon Footprint vs. Carbon Intensity: What Should You Track?

We talk all the time about climate change and how it’s affecting the Earth. And while most of us have a vague sense of what that means, let’s dive a little deeper into how this works with energy and how you can track your emissions.  First, here’s a quick refresher…

New API for Octopus Customers

Octopus Energy now offers an API that serves up current wholesale prices across ERCOT. For our customers who use the wholesale price to automate their home, customers who would like to track the price outside our app, or simply the curious, this API is another tool Octopus offers to monitor…

Octopus Energy: We’re Built to Last

Over the past few weeks we’ve seen a number of our competitors close their doors due to the Texas Energy Crisis. ERCOT has stated that energy providers who have declared bankruptcy as a result of the crisis owe almost $291 billion, collectively. Although we’re fresh on the scene, we…

Michael Lee Interview on CBS7 Midland, Texas

The experience last week in Texas was incredibly tough — for the state as a whole, for our customers, and for our team, many of whom did not have power or water for days themselves. We made it our priority to try to help each and every one of our…