Introducing Superpower Savings!

July 7th, 2021

Introducing Superpower Savings!

Y’all, it’s been HOT. And with this kind of heat, we are likely to continue experiencing grid instability, ERCOT notifications, and even higher bills. Talk about a summer bummer! 

Introducing Octopus Energy’s NEW Superpower Savings pilot!  

By now, it’s likely you’ve seen some press about energy providers changing thermostat temperature without customers benefiting. We’re turning that on its head: while it’s important to balance the grid and maintain stability, we think you should get rewarded for doing so!  As it gets hotter outside, your air conditioners have to work even harder to keep indoor temperatures cool. But by raising your thermostats, even just a few degrees, we’re relieving huge pressure on the grid.

WE WANT TO REWARD YOU for helping maintain grid stability. We have a bunch of ideas up our sleeves (all eight of ‘em) but here’s where we’d like to start! 

We’re building integrations into all sorts of smart thermostats.  For our first program, if you have an ecobee thermostat you can opt in to Superpower Savings, allowing us to control your thermostat the next time the grid is hitting load capacity. In return, we’ll credit you a few dollars on your next bill statement for helping conserve energy during peak times. Some customers who let us control several air conditioners in the same unit can receive a credit up to $20. (Credit amount calculated from your baseline usage). We’ll notify you when we are about to do this, so it’s not a surprise.

Opt in here to take part in our pilot event.

If you don’t have an ecobee, no sweat! While we work on other integrations we want every one of our customers to join us! Opt-in for notifications and when the time comes, text us your account number along with a picture of your thermostat set to at least 80 degrees and we’ll have some awesome rewards ready for you too!

Remember, moving other high energy-use activities — like using your dishwasher or washing clothes — to non-peak hours can also make a huge difference. Anything you can do to relieve pressure during peak hours to maintain grid stability is so helpful for you and your greater community. 

Love and Power, 

Team Octopus 

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