Looking for an EV? We have your lease, charger and smart plan covered

June 16th, 2022

Looking for an EV? We have your lease, charger and smart plan covered

Try our EV Concierge.

This innovative service makes choosing an EV easy. Our friendly, impartial experts can set you up with an affordable EV lease, a charger, and a smart charging plan.

We’ve had the pleasure of serving Texans energy for over a year, where we’ve become known for delivering affordable and green energy with great customer service. As we continue to accelerate the energy transition and unlock energy savings for our customers, we’re excited to announce today the launch of Octopus Electric Vehicles (OEV)! With this brand new business line, we will increase the accessibility and adoption of EVs and smart charging, making it easier than ever for Texans to own and optimize an EV.

Our OEV colleagues in the UK have been innovating the industry for years, offering the best EVs on the market with an industry leading package to get individuals to make the switch through their employer. Now, we’re thrilled to deliver an EV product of our own.

Why electric vehicles?

Electric Vehicles (“EVs”) are fun to drive and produce zero tailpipe emissions. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), EVs provide up to a 500% discount compared to traditional “fueling” costs based on today’s average price of $5/gallon. And with at least ten automakers committing to EV-only manufacturing — some as soon as 2025 — coupled with Tesla’s market-leading EV sales, the US may see EVs make up 50% of new car sales by 2030 and more than 54 million EVs sold globally by 2040.

The future is bright for EV, but today, EVs are still hard to come by. Available vehicle inventory is down more than 40% from April 2021 due to supply chain and chip manufacturing-related issues. And with soaring gas prices, and inventory scarcity, the lack of access to EVs is presenting a unique challenge to future EV owners. 

Looking for an EV? We’ve got you covered — meet our EV Concierge!

Octopus Electric Vehicles makes getting your next EV hassle free, starting with our first product EV Concierge. We are inviting our current Octopus Energy customers to take advantage of our new beta program that helps you find the EV of your choice. With EV Concierge, your EV lease will seamlessly integrate smart charging and billing into your existing energy plan.  

Our EV Concierge will provide qualifying customers white glove service, helping soon-to-be EV drivers through the entire search and vehicle leasing process, including selection and delivery of a new or used EV of their choice, installation of an EV home charger and education on best practices for EV ownership. 

How does it work?

When visiting octoev.us, you will be greeted with our EV Concierge program, sample EV options and an invitation to fill out our form to see if you qualify to participate in the beta program. 

Qualifications are simple: 

  • you are a current Octopus Energy customer, and 
  • you live in a single family home and have the right to install a Level 2 charger.* 

That’s it!

If you qualify, a member of our EV Concierge team will begin working with you to understand your vehicle and transportation needs, a comfortable price point and anything else needed to help find your next EV. We will offer competitive 12-, 24- and 36-month leases.

Next, our team will find your vehicle. We can communicate on your terms, so you let us know if you’d like email, text or call — we can do it all!

Once we’ve found your vehicle, our team will acquire the vehicle, share our leasing agreement, and begin coordinating a home charger installation. Being able to charge your vehicle is critical, and that’s why, we’ll never deliver your vehicle without having your home charger in place. We will work with local electricians to coordinate the installation of your charger and ensure it is ready to go when the vehicle is delivered. 

Once the vehicle is delivered, we ensure you are fully satisfied with your lease and up to speed on owning an EV. We will also share more about Intelligent Octopus and how integrating our automated smart charging service will save the life of your battery and optimize grid utilization to match the cleanest and cheapest energy. We want to take the hassle out of charging your vehicle! 

At any time, you may call your concierge with questions; we’re always available to help! We are looking forward to supporting you in your EV search. 

To sign up or learn more about OEV, visit octoev.us.

*Level 2 chargers are 240-volt chargers (like the connections used for large appliances in your home like a washing machine) that charge EVs 7x faster than standard Level 1 (120 V charging cables. Often these are Bluetooth and WiFi enabled so you can schedule the best time to charge. 

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