How friend referrals work at Octopus

September 20th, 2023

How friend referrals work at Octopus

You can split $100 with a friend if they switch to Octopus Energy using your unique referral link. Here’s everything you need to know about our referral program. 

FYI: From September 20, 2023 to October 31, 2023 Octopus customers who refer their friends can earn $50 PLUS grab more entries to earn a tech bundle worth over $1,000. During the contest period the referred customer can snatch up an extra $50 in credits brining their total to $100 just for switching to Octopus.

How do my friends & family join Octopus on my referral?

  • Give them your unique referral link.
  • When they click it, it’ll take them to sign up to Octopus Energy online. It takes a few minutes to sign up, and we’ll be able to track that they joined through your link. 

Where can I find my referral link?

You can find your link:

  • At the bottom of most Octopus emails
  • In your portal
  • In the Octopus app

It’ll look something like

When will my friend and I get our referral reward?

You’ll both get $50 credit added to your Octopus account a week or two after your friend switches over and makes their first payment. 

How should I share my referral link?

Get creative! You can share your link on social media – from tweeting it to sharing on community Facebook and Reddit groups. Then there are other places online, like deal websites, forums or even neighborhood apps like NextDoor (just make sure you’re always following their guidelines). 

And of course, there’s good old fashioned conversation face to face. Tell your friends at dinner, tell your buddy at the dog park, tell your Uber driver, cashier… the world’s your oyster. 

Are there any rules about how I can share my link?

Please be mindful not to share your link in any way that bothers others, or could be seen as spam. And please don’t spend money on digital advertising towards your referral link either. If we think you’re using your referral link in a suspicious or disruptive way, we may get in touch to talk to you about it.

My friend forgot to use my link when signing up. Can they add the referral after the fact?

Yes – your friend can just contact our friendly team and tell them your referral code.This will only be possible if they signed up to Octopus directly through our website, and joined after you did.

Why do referrals have to be direct through the Octopus Energy website?

We have this referral scheme because we want to pass the reward of spreading the word about us directly to our lovely customers. Switching through our website doesn’t cost us a thing, so we can afford to offer you both a generous referral reward this way – whereas switching through a third party, like an energy comparison website, comes with a cost. We can’t cover both your referral rewards and our third party costs – which is why we ask all referrals to come through our site directly. 

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