Empower your home battery with Octo GridBoost

Get $40/mo. + electricity buyback at the real-time price

Octo GridBoost is our home battery program that empowers homeowners to use their battery to its full potential- and we’ll even pay you $40 a month ($480 annually) to do it. If this sounds too good to be true, it’s not. Batteries are a key component to building grid resilience and it can’t be done without you. 

Octo GridBoost is part of ERCOT’s program to boost Texas’ grid stability and provide reliable, renewable power to all- reducing the likelihood of grid failure.

Perks of Octo GridBoost

Aside from feeling good about changing the future of how we power our world, (cheers to you 🎉) there are many benefits to Octo GridBoost! 

  • Get a $40 monthly bill credit (Must be on a Octopus Energy plan) 
  • Electricity buy back at the real time rate for any exported electricity with no caps or limits 
  • Ridiculously good award-winning customer service 
  • Impacting your community in a strong, direct way by enabling a smarter, greener future

Octopus will manage your battery on your behalf to optimize export timing based on price signals from the grid. Price is a signal of grid stress, so by enrolling you’re helping to stabilize the grid and maximizing the value of your hardware with credits paid to you for selling back at the best times.

You don’t need to do anything and we’ll always keep your battery’s charge above 20%. ️You will always have control of your battery and can opt out at any time. However, if you choose to opt out you will lose your $40 monthly credit. 

When you enroll in Octo GridBoost, you get money two ways:

  • $40 monthly bill credit (You will need to be enrolled in an Octopus Energy plan) 
  • Buyback credits with no cap or limit at the real-time price

Only Enphase batteries are eligible for our program, but
we’re quickly expanding our inventory to include more
batteries. If you’d like your home battery brand to be
added, please fill out this form and we’ll add it to our list! (If it’s not already on there.) 

Signing up is easy! Once you're an Octopus Energy customer, download our app and log in. Under the "Explore our lab" section, you'll see a tile to connect to GridBoost.

From there, follow the steps and log in with your battery log in and then... you're done! We'll register the device on our end automatically and you'll start receiving your $40 and export credits in your next bill.

All you need is the log in you use for the app where you're currently managing your battery (e.g., your Enphase app). In the future, we may ask for additional information if you have solar panels installed so that we optimize your battery further.

Octopus will never ask your battery to go below 20% of its total capacity!

If you want to manage your battery manually, you can opt out any time! However, if you choose to opt out, you’ll lose your $40 monthly credit.

In short - to help stabilize the grid! ERCOT has launched an Aggregated Distributed Energy Response pilot program (ADER for short) that allows for consumer devices, like your battery, to provide power to the grid when it’s needed most.

The program is available to both new and existing customers! Customers will need to be on an Octopus retail plan to take part, and have a connected battery. Existing customers will not need to switch off their current plan.

Currently, only Enphase batteries are eligible for GridBoost. However, we’re working to allow customers with SolarEdge batteries to participate soon. If you have a different battery type, request it here.

Get an Enphase battery

If you don't have a battery, no problem! You can tap here to check out how to get an Enphase battery for your home.

Coming soon: SolarEdge batteries

SolarEdge batteries are coming to Octo GridBoost in the next few weeks. Register your interest below and we'll email you when it's time to switch.

See full terms and conditions.

If you're an installer and want to participate in this program, let's get in touch!

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